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Health Tips

Warm up before you exercise

Warming up before you exercise turns on the sweat glands, which act as the body’s cooling system. When you’re sweating you’re less likely to overheat while doing strenuous exercise. It also increases your blood flow, which helps your heart cope with the higher physical demands of a workout.


That computer could be dangerous

Many people spend the day, and part of the evening, staring at a computer screen. That can cause CVS – computer vision syndrome. Symptoms include eye strain, headache, blurry near vision, slowness in changing focus, and neck, shoulder and back pain. What can you do about it?

  • Position your screen 4 to 9 inches below eye level
  • Limit glare
  •  Clean the screen often
  • Try to blink regularly. Use artificial teardrops, if needed.
  • Check your eyeglass prescription you may need a special pair of glasses for computer work.
  • Take a brief break every 45 minutes.


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When it’s barbecue season

Before using a gas grill for the first time each year, or any time you fill the tank, check all connections for gas leaks. Mix a little dish detergent with water; spray or brush the soapy water on all connections joints, then turn on the gas. If bubbles form at the joints, there’s a leak that needs to be repaired.


Get a good night’s sleep

To improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep relax for an hour or so before getting into bed. Read, listen to music, or even take a warm bath. Don’t take work to bed with you. Avoid strenuous exercise within a couple of hours of bedtime. Keep your bedroom quiet, dark and cool (60 to 65 degrees is best). Don’t drink caffeinated beverages after dinner. And try to establish a regular sleep schedule.

Living tips are compliments of Regence Blue Shield of Idaho.

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