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Keeping Costs Down – Other Insurance

Five suggestions for keeping insurance costs down follow.

  • Increase your deductibles
  • Drop some coverage
  • Ask about possible discounts
  • Consider altering these rate-affecting factors
  • Consult your agent

Increasing your deductibles
Increasing your deductibles from $250 to $500, or even $1000, can save you a substantial number of premium dollars. Of course, higher deductibles also mean higher out-of-pocket expenses at claim time, too. So, consider whether or not you are financially positioned to absorb higher up front costs before raising your deductibles.

Drop some coverage
Dropping or reducing coverage will surely save you premium dollars in the short run; however, doing so may cost you more in out-of-pocket expenses in the long run than you save in premium dollars. So, make sure that you understand what coverage you need and purchase those.

Ask about possible discounts
Insurance companies offer a number of discounts, including the following: discounted premiums for limited use of your motor home, paying premiums in full, and paying through the use of automatic withdrawals. So, make sure that you obtain these and other available discounts that your specific insurance companies may offer.

Consider altering rate-affecting factors
Generally speaking, operating your recreational vehicles safely as well as safeguarding your good credit will save you significant numbers of premium dollars. In addition, avoiding tickets, keeping your business with the same insurer for long periods of time, and paying premiums in a timely manner are all factors that can all have a significant positive impact on your insurance rates.

Consult with your agent
Your licensed agent is best equipped to advise you regarding your individual coverage needs and possible discounts available. So, we strongly recommend that you select a reputable and competent agent to advise you with regard to your insurance needs.

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